VetPowered VMG MK-15™ (for AR15 weapon systems) Cleaner


America’s Veterans know what your gun needs. Not China.

The VMG MK-15™ Cleaner is a patented and trademarked product designed by a disabled combat Veteran machinist who served as an infantryman. He designed this tool based on his experience in the field. The tool was tested by the Veteran employees at VetPowered and they found that the cleaner has the potential to save 4 hours in cleaning time.


Plus, they’re great for gifts.


The VetPowered VMG MK-15™ cleaner (designed for the AR15 weapon system) is an innovative gun cleaning device designed to remove carbon build-up and carbon deposits from the bolt or the M16/AR15 rifle.

Profits Support Advanced Manufacturing Training for Veterans

VetPowered is proud to support advanced manufacturing training for our nation’s heroes. Every product we make and service we offer supports Workshops for Warriors, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to training and certifying Veterans, Wounded Warriors, and Transitioning Service Members into advanced manufacturing careers. This means that purchasing from VetPowered not only guarantees a custom product built by Veterans, but you will be a part of rebuilding America’s manufacturing industry.

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Unique Features of the VetPowered VMG MK-15™ Cleaner

A. Bolt cleaning portion. Once you dissemble the bolt carrier, use the cleaning pick to remove the retaining pin. It has a nice slip fit with backside of the bolt and matches perfectly.

B. Firing pin cleaner. The pick length matches up and has a sharp point to get where it needs with has a flat edge to remove carbon in one swipe.

C. Full length bolt recess cleaner. This fits into the recess of the bolt carrier. Put the cleaner into the bolt recess without anything around it to rough out the carbon, and then wrap a cloth around it for cleaning.

Working with the VetPowered AR-15 Cleaner


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